Cleanser For A Savings

Soft Scrubs or cleansers were brought to the public to replace the cleansers that scratched surfaces. You only need two ingredients to make your own which will save you money. It also has no chemicals in it that will harm you. I have tested this home made version against the top brand and the home made version worked great and took less scrubbing.


Baking Soda

Liquid Soap

Put some baking soda in a sealable container. Try 1/2 cup to 1 cup. Stir in liquid soap until it makes a paste. Seal the top when you are done. If you find that the paste has dried up a bit the next time you use it just add some more liquid soap.

I used this to clean an oven and it worked on some bad over burned spots and the oven came out shiny clean. I applied the paste without much effort and let it sit. Then took my sponge and rinsed. The majority of the crud came off and those spots left took one more application done in the same way. Baked on grease be gone! Then I scrubbed my sink, stove top, under the stove top with the same ease. It worked so well I threw out the bottle of commercial stuff that took my breath away when bleach and chemical smells came wafting out.  One more detergent gone.

Look at the ratings on some cleaners and how unsafe they are at Enviromental Home Cleaning


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