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NEW FORMULA! Our natural jelly is safe for babies and contains no petroleum products. It contains only infused sunflower & rice bran oils with candelilla wax. We used organic lavender and calendula to infuse the oils with their goodness and it leaves a wonderful light scent. Use to protect sensitive areas on your baby knowing you are using a safe natural product. This salve can be used in place of Vaseline and makes a wonderful salve for small abrasions, dry skin, etc.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Candelilla wax. Plant extracts of lavender and calendula.

4 ounces

No Dyes - No TEA or DEA - No Parabens - No Mineral Oil - No Paraffin - No Formaldehyde - No Sulfates
No Petroleum or Petro Chemicals - No Silicone - No Carbomer - No Urea


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