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Party Themed Bar Soaps We offer natural ingredient hand made bar soaps to match your party themes as guest favors! Let us know what your theme is and we will hunt down soap molds to give you a choice. You choose the color and scent to match. We do need lead time since these soaps will be made to order of 6 weeks.
  • Baby Showers – Baby Powder Scented in pink, blue, greens, yellow, lavender, white or another color if you choose. At present we have baby bassinet, baby bottles (the size of a 4 ounce bottle), baby animals with their mothers. Teddy bears, booties, are other ideas that we can get. 
  • Bridal Showers – Hearts, Rings, and all kinds of molds that match a wedding theme are available. 
  • Party Guest Favors –
  • Sports Banquets – Bar of soaps to match your sport. 
  • Retirement Parties – Many job related molds are available. Just let us know what one is needed.
  • Themed Cook Outs – Fourth of July or an annual family gathering?
  • Holiday Themed Parties, Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, etc.
We can get special molds for bar soaps that fit common party themes. We can color and scent the soaps according to your specifications.

Baby Bassinet or Baby Bottle Soaps.

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