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Healthy hair using soap with no synthetics.

Hair that has been washed using one of our handcrafted Liquid Soaps (altering between Goat Milk or Coconut Milk soaps) for over 5 years now.

Our Liquid Coconut Milk Shampoo & Shower Soap is creamy, soothing, moisturizing, cleansing and gentle to the skin. We use organic coconut milk with a high fat content, which is moisturizing for skin and hair.  Coconut milk is very rich in vitamins and minerals. Coconut milk contains the minerals iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc, which are all good for your skin. It also contains a significant amount of vitamin C and E, plus the vitamins K and B6 are also present. The wonders of coconut oil and coconut milk which are both in this liquid soap are all being rediscovered as good for our health.

You can order the scent you would like below.

Size: 4 ounce, 8 ounce & 16 ounce sizes available

Our soaps are made in small batches out of natural ingredients to control quality. The products we produce are kind to humans and pets and to our environment. Water, Coconut Milk, Saponified  Palm Kernel, Coconut, Castor, Rice Bran, Avocado, & Palm Stearic Oils.  Glycerin. Fragrance. Infused with Nettle, Oats, Mallow, Burdock, Lavender, Rosemary, Flax Seed & Horsetail. All glycerin is retained. Palm oil products are ordered through a supplier that only sells sustainable palm oil by small farmers.

No parabens, sulfates, petro chemicals or engineered chemicals are added to this soap.

Directions: Apply to washcloth, scrubby, hand or other bathing preference and rub on wet skin. Rinse skin thoroughly.

Cautions: For External use only. Keep out of eyes. If gotten in eye flush eyes with plain water.

Allergy Cautions: Contains nut oils of coconut and palm.

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