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SAVE $15.00!! Our Pine Tar & Oats Bar by the Loaf is an economical choice and still made with the same wonderful natural ingredients. Our soaps are all made by hand from base ingredients and will produce an abundant creamy lather that pampers your skin. By ordering a whole loaf of soap it cuts production & overhead costs for us so we can pass that savings on to you. A loaf of our Pine Tar & Oats Bar Soap by the Loaf produces when cut by us 8 bars of soap. You can order a whole loaf of soap (8 bars = $48 if bought separately) and we will cut it so it can dry (allow 10 days to 2 weeks) before sending it out to you.

Understandable Ingredient List:

Rice Bran Oil - This soap contributes to the dense lather and keeps the soap from stripping your skin.
Palm Oil - Makes the bar hard and provides mild cleaning soap that is more emollient. Palm oil contributes to the dense creamy lather. We buy our oil from responsible growers who have not burned down rainforests to grow palm trees.
Pinus Tar - This is the sap of the pine tree and historically used in animal care and human skin care. The pine tar we use is kiln dried and creosote free with a pine scent.
Water - Hydrating wonderful stuff and we use distilled water so there are no elements that would interfere with the soap making.
Coconut Oil - This wonderful oil makes the big bubble lather and contributes hardness to the bar of soap. Although all oils when made into soap clean, this one is the strongest for that quality.
Sodium Hydroxide - This is what when mixed with oils makes soap. We use a hot process method to make our soaps to make sure every bit of the reaction is complete when done.
Aveena Sativa - Wonderful soothing oats. We use only non-GMO grown oats to make an oat milk to add to our soaps.
Black Cumin Seed Oil - We purchase cold pressed organic black cumin seed oil. It is added into the soap after all the other oils have become soap so you get the wonderful skin benefits of this oil.
Glycerin Vegetable - This is a by product of making soap but is stripped out of commercial brands of soap. Synthetic soaps do not contain this ingredient at all. We leave it in and add a bit more at the end of the processing because our skin loves this stuff. It draws water to the skin to help keep it hydrated.
Karanja Seed Oil - This is a wonderful gold oil that has a nutty smell and is used around the world for its benefits. We add it in as a super fat after the soap reaction is finished.
Sodium Lactate - This helps keep the soap fluid while we are making it, but as it dries it makes bar soap harder. It is actually a salt that is formed by fermentation.
Honey - Pure bit of sweetness given to us by the local bees which has been added to enhance the lather and for its wonderful soothing skin benefits.

Our base oils of Rice Bran, Palm, Coconut are melted and then mixed with the Sodium Hydroxide and oat milk mixture of honey and sodium lactate and stirred over heat until the mixture thickens and becomes soap. It is left on the heat until all the ingredients are done and safe and has completely becomes one which is that bubbly stuff we call soap. We now add the glycerin and just the right amount of extra oils and pine tar (super fat) so that our bars are mild and gentle for all skin types. After this the essential oils are added in and then the mixture is put into the soap mold. We let it cool and harden up just enough so that we can cut the bars of soap. The soap can be used at this stage but it would melt quickly so we let it air dry for 10-14 days so that the bars last.

Base Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil; Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil; Pinus Tar; Aqua; Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil; Sodium Hydroxide; Aveena Sativa; Nigella sativa kolonji (Black Cumin) Seed Oil Organic; Vegetable Glycerin; Pongamia glabra (Karanja) Seed Oil; Sodium Lactate; Cedrus Atlantica; Abies alba; Lavandula Angustifolia; Rosemarinus Officianlis; Melaleuca alternifolia; Honey; Eucalyptus globulus.

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