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Sensitive skin will love this one. Crafted with Kokum butter, Argan Oil, and added glycerin for slip. Some water and a dose of stuff that makes this into a lathering soft soap. Huge thick softer lather to give a wonderful smooth shave with less drying of the skin. Comes in our 6 ounce wide mouthed jar that fits the hand just right.

Fragrances For Men:

Men's Club - Tobacco Leaf and Vanilla fragrance. This fragrance due to the vanilla content will color soap to a tan color.

Sandalwood + Patchouli - Sandalwood fragrance with added Patchouli essential oil.

Sandalwood - The ultimate fragrance of sandalwood all on it's own.

Signature - Crafted with all essential oils for a citrus herbal smell that is light and crisp and manly with a finish of vetiver.

Sands of Dorne - All essential oil blend of Frankincense for the kingly feel complimented with herbs, spices and rounded off with rosewood.

Woodland Spirit - This scent is one of our customer favorites. Woodsy with a slight sweetness backing it up. A scent loved by both men and women.

Bay Rum - Classic scent designed with essential oils of citrus, spices and bay.

Ingredients: [Water] Aqua; [Kokum Butter] Indica Seed Garcinia Butter; Potassium Hydroxide; [Argan] Argania spinosa nut oil; [Glycerin] Glycerin; Fragrance

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