Scents We Have On Hand

Scents we have on hand for liquid body soaps and lotions and creams. Those that are marked as (All Natural) are blends we have created of essential oils which are extracted from plants by distillation. The other fragrances are bought already mixed from a couple of different companies that sell parabens free scents. These scents are concentrated especially for body care products so they are skin safe.



Alluring Laura – (All natural) Essential oil blend that skin and hair love! Lavender & Rosemary, sweetened with a bit of Fennel and anchored with Patchouli. Fast becoming a favorite.

Aloe Fragrance- A wonderful light ‘green’ scent which is clean.

Violet Fragrance – a lovely light sweet floral scent

Fresh Lilac Fragrance  – One of our most popular scents.

Lilly of the Valley Fragrance  – Smells like the scent called Muguet. Light floral scent that isn’t too overpowering.

Lavender (All natural) – Floral scent that has a bit of herbal undertones. This scent is known for calming your soul and your skin.

Lavender & Rosemary (All natural) – an all time classic scent that is a herbaceous floral

Grand Traverse Cherry Blossom – Full floral scent with the slightest touch of cherry.

Tahitian Monoi Tiare Fragrance – Tahitian gardenia has a wonderful sweet  full floral scent.

Tiare de Marie  – Tahitian Tiare with a special twist which anchors this scent with an exotic earthy undertone – smells awesome and created by my sister Mary.

Rose Garden (All natural) – Our special blend of essential oils that lifts you into your favorite rose garden. Rose Geranium,


Alluring Laura – (All natural) Essential oil blend that skin and hair love! Lavender & Rosemary, sweetened with a bit of Fennel and anchored with Patchouli. Fast becoming a favorite.

Sweet Grass – I finally found one that smell close to the real thing! A Native American ceremonial grass that has a wonderful grassy green with a sweet vanilla undertone.

Sandalwood – The classic sandalwood fragrance. Sandalwood essential oil is very pricey so we carry this in a fragrance oil that is right on the mark of smelling like the real thing.

Sandalwood & Patchouli – Go back to the 60s! We pair the Sandalwood fragrance listed above with a smaller amount of patchouli that anchors the scent. Good earthy scent with a sweetness.

Chamomile & Neroli (All natural) – Sweet with a citrus back ground. I especially like this in household cleaners for a fresh smell.

Amber – Amber is a resin that comes from a tree. It has a wonderful powdery smell much like baby powder but deeper and warmer.

The Woods (All natural) We blended sweet, tangy and smoky wood essentials for this special customer favorite that we used to call Golden Dreams. This scent is pleasing to both men and women. It is a calming scent that anchors us.

Fir Needle & Rosemary (All natural) – A woods smell without that sharpness that pine has, it is more woody in smell and when paired with the herbal deep smell of rosemary gives a fresh outdoor fragrance. Another one I love in household cleaners.

Patchouli (All natural) Simple basic patchouli essential oil. The rich smell of patchouli all by itself for those patchouli lovers, is a long lasting musky, sweet, spicy aroma.

Woodland Spirit – Has become a favorite. Unisex scent of soft woods after a rain.

Balsam & Cedar – Yankee type fragrance that I just got in. Warm scent of balsam and cedar with a back end of soft spice.

Vanilla – The warm sweet intoxicating scent of vanilla.

Food Types

Butter Rum – Smells just like it. Love the smell of this favorite hard candy.

CocoVanilla – Coconut with a rich vanilla mix. This scent due to vanilla content discolors bar soaps so we stay away from it in those, but is wonderful in liquid soaps, lotions, body butters, etc.

French Vanilla – Sweet French Vanilla no less!

Honey Oats and Milk – This is a wonderful scent that brings us back to home. Comfort food for many.

Michigan Maple Syrup – Wow! Just makes me want pancakes, and waffles and french toast and……… Yummy!

Pina Colada – Sweet coconut and pineapple fragrances mixed together for this wonderful scent. A summer favorite.


Baby Powder – Smells powdery fresh just like a baby!


For Men

The Woods (All natural) We blended sweet, tangy and smokey wood essentials for this special customer favorite. A lot of women love this for themselves too.

Black Tie  Frankincense & Myrrh, Fir Needle with a touch of Sandalwood & Bay Laurel for a classy scent that you can wear to the most elegant event.

Sands of Dorne – All natural essential oil blend of Frankincense for the kingly man complimented with herbs, spices and rounded off with rosewood.

Bay Rum – Classic scent designed with natural essential oils of citrus, spices and bay.
Signature – Crafted with all natural essential oils for a citrus herbal smell that is light and crisp and manly with a finish of vetiver.
Sandalwood + Patchouli – Sandalwood fragrance with added Patchouli essential oil.

Men’s Club – Tobacco Leaf and Vanilla fragrance for the classic rugged gentleman. This fragrance due to the vanilla content will color soap to a tan color.

Coming Scents!

Tea Tree and Eucalyptus – Great for those times your nose is stuffed up. (All natural)



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