Soap vs. Detergent


Soap is made of natural fats and lye. When lye hits the fats it changes the makeup of the fat into soap. There is no such thing as soap without lye. Its pH level is between 9 and 10, meaning it is alkaline. This makes it an effective as a cleaning agent. Soap is generally available through small businesses and made in small batches but for a very few larger companies. Our soaps are safe enough that the government does not regulate them.

vs. Detergent

Detergent is made from petroleum products and chemicals with very little if any natural oils or ingredients. Detergents contain preservatives and antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral agents, which do not have an agreeable smell. They also contain other chemicals to get consistency, hardness, etc. to what you expect in that product. As a result, detergents usually contain heavy perfumes to counteract the odor. Even your unscented detergent has scent in it to mask the objectionable odor of the chemicals. I have worked for a couple of soap manufacturers and cosmetic companies in sales. Toured one facility and saw the bags of chemicals used back in the mid 1970s. Sneezing fits galore through the warehouse part of the tour and my nose became a faucet. Recent studies have found deposits of those same chemicals in the human body in fat layers. Your skin absorbs what you put on it. Their products are regulated by the government due to the chemicals.

Liquid Soap

How much cleaning product are you actually getting? Something I haven’t brought up about soaps made in the way we make them and other small businesses make soap compared to what the manufacturers actually have in the products they produce. The percentage of actual product you get in small business soaps compared to big manufacturer detergents is very different. The amount of actual soap in our liquid soaps are at 20-28% soap which is dependent on the oils we use. The manufactured soaps you buy are under 10% of actual detergent the rest is chemicals, preservative, thickeners, etc. that are not soap and a huge amount of water in the liquids.

Our liquid soap when fully cooked is a mass of vaseline like gel. To get it to a liquid we have to add a certain amount of distilled water so it is pourable and let it sit for a day or two. We only dilute as much as that particular soap needs. I could add more distilled water like the manufacturers do and charge lower prices, but prefer not to sell you water with a little soap in it. So you have to use a lot less of our product to get clean. I do have liquid laundry soap that we have been using for quite a while and we only use 2 oz. per large load of laundry. Our laundry room has our soap, borax and washing soda in it and a bottle of vinegar. Our clothes are clean, have no odor and soft. Static? We do not use fabric softener because we don’t need to anymore. We also use this soap as a spot remover ahead of time. Our shampoo you only need about the size of a nickle dollop to even wash my long hair. The lather is outstanding on the liquid soaps.

Bar Soap

Our bar soap is above 90% soap while the manufactures have 10% or less in theirs and the rest is fillers and chemicals. The lather is phenominal in my opinion compared to commercial brand soaps and the way your skin feels afterwards is great. I don’t feel like my skin is pulling and tight at all when I rinse which is an indicator that the soap dried out your skin and stripped some of the natural oils from it.


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