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Solseife soap is made with coconut oil, sea salt, kelp, seaweed and sea moss to give a wonderful mineral rich soap that produces a soft thick lather that pampers the skin. These soaps have a bit of the sea smell attached to it with some fun mixes of summery smells formulated with essential oils. The lather goes into a creamy decadent soothing denseness that glides across your skin.

Minerals + Skin = Goodness. 



Ingredients: Saponified Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil; Aqua; Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt); Chondrus crispus Carageenan (Seaweed Moss); Ascophyllum nodosum (Kelp); Spirulina platensis (Seaweed).

Each of the scents will leave you feeling clean and fresh.




  • Tropical - Lemon, Sweet Orange and Pink Grapefruit finished off with Fennel and a bit of Black Pepper. $6.00
  • Ocean Breeze - Lavender, Bergamot, Rosemary, with a finish of cooling Spearmint and Eucalyptus. $6.00
  • Summer Sands - Pink Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry, Clary Sage, and Fennel, with a touch of Cypress and Black Pepper. $6.0Buy 3 bars for $15.00. Or $6.00 each.

 Bars are 5 oz. and $6.00 or Buy 3 for $15.00

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 Gift Sets

Baby! Baby! reformulated after reading up on reports that olive oil in lotions, creams and butters are not all that good for skin and actually breaks down part of the dermal layers of a baby’s delicate skin. Article is here.
New Baby Gift Set!

Baby! Baby! Natural Skin Care

Get the new born off to a good start in skin care with a present of natural soaps, lotions and creams.




4 Responses to About Plain Old Soap

  1. wazbaz6 says:

    Just ordered my first bottle, looking forward to getting it. Since you are married to a mechanic I was wondering if you have come up with a miracle working greasy diesel mechanic remover?

    • plhamp says:

      Thank you! Joani wants one too. You two been talking? Dumb question.

      I am working hard on the mechanic soap. Ron my guinee pig keeps testing for me and I think I almost have it. So far he likes the newest one for hands. I want to see if it stops the cracks he gets in his skin over winter because the store stuff dried his hands out so much. Does Dan prefer liquid or bar for soap for his hands? Need one for gardening etc. too I think.

      Laundry? Have some I made up and his clothes are better but not totally perfect. But they were a mess to begin with. My clothes are better and works better in a couple of ways – clothes are getting better as far as dullness from old detergent build up and they are soft with no fabric softener. I will be putting this up for sale too. We use only 2 oz. per large load of clothes

      • wazbaz6 says:

        Dan seems to like liquid soap better. Just got my “warm vanilla” hand soap. It lathers good and smells real nice. I know I’m gonna get addicted to this and can’t wait to try different scents. Amber is extremely sensitive to all creams, soaps, shampoos etc. Maybe you can suggest something for her.

        • plhamp says:

          Glad you like it. Amber should use a castile soap made of of 100% olive oil. Mildest soap there is and has the least problems for most allergy type situations. Start out with unscented and if she knows she isn’t allergic to something in a scent of essential oil go to that. Can do up a small bottle for her to start out with in liquid to try out. I will be doing some bars of 100% olive oil soap too in the future. Many of the commercial soaps, shampoos and creams have chemicals in them preservatives in them. Did she have trouble with any flowers or grasses when young? Things that made her itch or sneeze? As far as a liquid soap for Dan with out any scrubby stuff in it – see if Joani to let him try the dish soap I sent her to test out for me. Cuts grease very well. Can’t suspend the scrubbies in it though. With pumice/ground walnut shells/ground loofa I am going to do more a cream in a tub. Will let you know when that is done as it takes a bit of time because it has to sit and go through steps over a couple of weeks.

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